Case study: FamiHero

How to revolutionizes family services with digital
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Case study: FamiHero

FamiHero is the 1st platform to connect families looking for daily help with people offering their services (the «heroes»).

One issue: how to make the greatest number of people adopt this new service as soon as possible?

A simple media objective to formalize but complex to achieve: to deploy this new service as quickly as possible it is necessary that the highest number of families know about it, understand and try FamiHero!


use case famihero
The agency of FamiHero has offered to deliver TV campaigns to families in September 2013.

The performance of different campaigns has been measured with HMX TV in order to identify the best conditions possible of TV diffusion: what are the TV spots that allow to both generate the level of coverage and repetition necessary on their target while maintening an important incremental & qualified traffic on the website, at the best cost of course.

The successive campaigns have been optimized on the basis of the learnings provided by HMX TV.


Identification of the performance of each TV spot in traffic generation, registrations & family subscriptions.
Identification of performance conditions: which channels, slots, days, position, etc ... to maximize the traffic by spot & GRP.
Validation that these performance elements are also consistent in terms of costs (cost per visit, lead, subscriber, channel, time slot, etc...) to ensure the best ROI possible.


On a base 100 ratio, including a weighting based on the number of days in each campaign, their levels of repetition and their coverage, the analyzes conducted with HMX TV helped to significantly improve performance:
Visits by GRP
x 3.6
Cost by visit
Inscriptions by GRP
+ 22%