Improve TV ads efficiency

Holimetrix includes technologies for video detection, digital tracking, marketing attribution and data advertising. This allows for the measurement of your marketing and advertising performance of TV & radio campaigns.

Holimetrix is the key to improve and optimize the TV and radio media plans of digital advertisers.
Our data scientists mesure the audience of a website outside of any media leverage by period, day, hour, and so on in order to determine the specific baseline by advertiser, integrating in particular some notions of seasonality.
Our TV crawlers (computers watching TV) determine each TV spot of an advertiser in order to identify the exact time and the context of diffusion (program, competitors presence, position, etc...).
A tracking device is able to identify second by second the incremental web traffic generated by a website, whether it is direct (in the minutes following a spot's diffusion) or indirect (outside of a spot's diffusion).
Our attribution algorithms then take over to assign the incremental traffic of each spot by integrating the TV performance indicators (cover, repetition, spot's position in the campaign, power, number of contacts, etc...).
We then talk about proportional TV/Web attribution, whatever the user's device is. Some sort of missing link that allows us to compute the costs by TV visit, channel, emission type, time slot, spot, position, etc... By then the totality of the other performance indicators (KPI) can also be computed with the same granularity level in order to optimize the TV diffusion (during a campaign, and from one campaign to another)
Volume of visits by GRP & by spot, cost by visit (CPV) (unique or new visitor), by TV induced lead & incremental sells, etc...